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Foreign Trade Zone

FTZ 68 is an integral part of the City's regional and international investment strategy providing a business platform for domestic and foreign trade to prosper in the region. The City of El Paso is the Grantee and General Purpose (GP) Operator of Foreign-Trade Zone 68. It is administered through El Paso International Airport. The zone consists of 5 regional sites totaling 3,443 acres throughout the city and within El Paso County. FTZ boundaries can be set up around any company facility within the El Paso County boundaries via a Minor Boundary Modification process.

FTZ 68 is continuously improving it services with "innovation" and "best practices" through its management and strategic alliances, and has obtained various industry recognitions and achievements as a top performance zone in the US and internationally.

FTZ 68 is the only GP operator in the nation providing direct FTZ training services, and offers a User/Operator business model for its FTZ User customers.

Tariff Schedule

In accordance with 15 C.F.R. 400.42, every grantee is required to have a zone schedule available. The zone schedule identifies the rules and regulations of Foreign Trade Zone 68.

FTZ 68 Tariff Schedule

Zone Schedule No. 1 - Rates, rules, charges and regulations

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