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"Being an active FTZ user has given EP Logistics a competitive advantage to your typical 3PL or Bonded warehouse, thus allowing us to implement exclusive and unique duty deferent programs which translate into cost savings to our customers."

Octavio Saavedra
Managing Director, EP Logistics

"Our customer benefits from the FTZ by not having to pay duties and the ability to store raw or finish product in an FTZ withdrawal according to their production schedule and our customers’ requirements."

Richard Ibarra
Owner, Interload Forwarding, LLC

"Establishing our FTZ in El Paso has resulted in substantial duty deferral and MPF savings and has imposed more discipline in our internal processes and operations. We value the cooperation and guidance of FTZ 68 and local Customs personnel."

Joan Brinson Dressler, LCB CCS
Manager, FTZ
VF Jeanswear LP


"Our goods (domestic and foreign) stored in the zone are protected against theft due to CBP security requirements.
Another great benefit is that goods may be exported from the zone Free of Duty."

Luis A. Sayago
Customs Supervisor

"FTZ 68 is a great functional resource for our type of business as it directly cuts logistics and international document processing cost to our end customers coming from a supply chain theory."

Abel Cisneros
Futaba Corp.

"Becoming a user under El Paso's FTZ 68 has given DB Schenker a competitive advantage over other 3PL businesses in the area. Customers have identified our FTZ operation as a focus point and winning criteria while deciding who to grant their business to, taking advantage of a variety of benefits that will eventually lead to significant cost saving results."

Carlos Frias
Manager Foreign Trade Zone Services
DB Schenker


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