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The FTZ program helps American and foreign companies improve their competitive position in the global market economy. The FTZ program allows U.S.-based companies to defer, reduce or even eliminate Customs duties on products admitted to the zone. Benefits to business and industry include:

Advantages of El Paso’s FTZ 68

Manufacturing Business Incentive (MBI)

Are you looking to expand your markets but need help?
Need to save time and money getting your manufacturing project started?

As we continually promote the growing economy in the region, the City of El Paso’s Foreign Trade Zone has established the Manufacturing Business Incentive. The MBI helps manufacturing companies expand their markets or compete on a global scale through the use of El Paso’s Foreign-Trade Zone. The objective is easy: to help business grow by reducing the start up cost and speeding up the approval process for a manufacturing business to set up in FTZ 68.

Start-up Incentives:

Selection criteria:

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