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Prospective Businesses

General Purpose Distribution

See your distribution & manufacturing options.

Prospective businesses have various options in FTZ 68, they are: 

  1. Use a 3rd Party Logistics Warehouse that offers FTZ services (Interested party should contact 3PL directly for rates, See list in 3PL Warehouses)
  2. Activation of a Distribution Facility in the General Purpose Zone. 
    1. Prospective business can be set up as an FTZ User where a company operates as a User under the Customs bond of the City (Fees are based on transaction activity)
    2. Prospective business if owner of goods can activate as its own Distribution Operator (annual fee based)


Contact FTZ Manager
David R. Panko
501 George Perry, Suite I
El Paso, TX  79925
(915) 212-0480
Email: [email protected]

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